About SCANPlus

We are a Developer
and a Manufacturer.

We are not hardware dependent.

We listen.

We are surprisingly affordable.

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We are a Developer
and a Manufacturer

SCANPlus is the developer/manufacturer of a modular, computer-based point-of-the-sale software system. The system provides all the features you want to deliver the fastest, most reliable service to your
customer while maintaining the highest level of security and a complete reporting system for your store.
Our solutions are for any size store, from a single store with a single register to large multi-store operations.

We are not hardware-dependent.

SCANPlus POS software is not hardware-dependent. Unlike many solutions that run on proprietary platforms, SCANPlus software is genuinely open. You choose various peripherals such as receipt printers, scanner/scales, cash drawers, displays, etc.

We Listen

At SCANPlus, we listen to our customers' needs and are willing to adjust our software to meet their needs.

We are surprisingly affordable.

SCANPlus POS software is competent but surprisingly affordable. 

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More About SCANPlus

Customer Service 

At SCANPlus, we listen to our customers' needs and are willing to adjust our software to meet their needs. Our Technical Support can answer your SCANPlus software questions Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM EST. Our telephone number is 770-466-6266 or toll-free 800-378-3424. You may also contact us by email at support@scanplusinc.com. Our resources are very knowledgeable about connecting into your system to help identify any problems identifying and resolving any issues that arise.


Upon purchasing and implementing a SCANPlus Point of Sale System, the Owners, Managers, and all Cashiers are wholly trained on each module of the SCANPlus System. It usually takes about 30 days to get comfortable with all the various databases and connectivity. Any questions should be referred to SCANPlus at 1-800-378-3424.

Maintenance and Software Support Contracts

All Maintenance Contracts are customized to the particular customer and location, including all hardware and software repairs and replacements, and the amount of service expected determines pricing.

Software Support Includes Below

The SCANPlus Software Support Contracts range from $60 to $90 per month based on several registers and locations. The Software Support includes online assistance to resolve any software issues, unlimited telephone support, and repair of any user programming errors. The contract also includes any software upgrades deemed necessary.

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