Credit Card fraud through secure technology, 
EMV (EuroPay, Mastercard, Visa) will 
help reduce fraud for card-present transactions

                                          Why is there a Liability Shift?

  Because credit card fraud in the United States is about 50% of worldwide payment fraud, Europe and Canada have already implemented EMV, which helps reduce fraud throughout these countries.

      As of October 2015, any liability associated with fraudulent use of counterfeit or stolen cards essentially shifts from the card issuer to
the Merchant. This could cause small business owners to ensure high financial risks and cause them to go out of business. 


      Many companies like yours are wondering why their system can't read the credit cards with the chip embedded. The main reason is that each credit card processor must certify the different payment terminals (Pin Pads). If a gateway product (software connects the POS System to the credit card processor), they must be certified with each Pin Pad and each processor. This is taking more time to accomplish than what was initially expected.

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